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every right to criticize congress. >> the present is an absolute right to make sure he keeps us focused on getting this done. >> mcconnell was still urging fellow republicans to stand down and move forward in order to beat the midnight deadline. >> we can do this. we must do this. >> it is a major step forward and i think it might calm the markets until the house acts. >> you heard john mccain. they hope the senate can act by tonight. they're trying to schedule a vote and reach an agreement on a compromise. it is not clear whether the house will vote tonight. what is inside disagreements -- this agreement a higher tax rate for individuals earning more than $400,000 a year. putting up the big decision of spending cuts until next year. live at the capitol, rebecca cooper. >> the prince william county police officer is dead tonight after colliding with a minivan. we hear that the both vehicles involved caught fire after the crash. >> the witness told me she saw a bright flash moments after a minivan and dead prince william county officer collide -- and a prince william county officer colli
a gloomy picture of what could happen if no agreement is reached. >> it would almost certainly throw us into a recession. are flooding the airwaves. >> and no real spending reform. both sides of trying to sell their positions. about to each other? >> there is no reason we could come to the table. >> if ever there were a time to capitalize, it is now. the stock market is stable and today, unemployment fell to 370,000. a drop that was expected. after another day, where does that leave us? is hard to know. we can only presume most of the done behind the scenes. >> new at 6:00, republican jim demint has decided to become the president of the heritagek the foundation. i never intended to be a career politician. i have played a role in the with a solid conservatives who are young brighter and better spokesman and i am. he is one of the most conservative voices in the center. partyer of the tea movement. elected in 2004. the governor will appoint a successor. >> we are monitoring a montgomerystory for county where police arrested a d student after they backpack.ndgun in his this happened at ma
some are wondering if negotiations are taking place at all. scott thuman joins us live from the newsroom. you start to wonder how long sidewill go on before one gives in. it appears that they talk more to us than to each other. that is one reason why the public is on edge and speaking out. ♪'m going to let it shine hoping to browse the spirit ,nquiries of hunger us held a vigil.ers >> we find ourselves approaching a cliff. businessesident held a disne .oundtable with ceos >> that is a bad strategy for a and for your businesses. it is not a game that i will play. it is a message he says that is worth repeating. the fear is based on the nasty fight from last year. the credit worthiness of a ought not to be put at risk. where are negotiations right now? a source says none. not even e-mail communication. >> we cannot sit here and e with -- the way, december 14 is when the house is set to recess .or the year eric cantor said they would not adjourn until they come up with a solution. scott thuman reporting. we are weeks away from the , but the decision away from the fiscal cliff
young victims were laid to rest tonight's. our correspondent is it there to tell us about how the community is supporting one another. >> person after person tells me that newtown as a comes together when times are that good hearted people are to try to help. under the town christmas tree, a memorial to growing and growing as folks leave teddy bears candles, flowers, other things to try to remember the 26 lives that were lost. newtown have not seen the sun in days and the weather matches the mood. >> it is not natural. >> paul and his wife are among the thousands visiting the memorial in the center of a sandy hook. >> we needed this. our prayers' needed to be with the children and the family is. -- and the family's. >> i have seen a lot of stuff, but never this bad. >> the first of two funerals work -- the first two funerals were held for two young boys, jack pinto and noah pozner. >> he reminds me so much of my son when he was little. , i don't know. >> a local community's school threw open its doors to them. >> it is a good way to distract the kids and bring everyone
need a rational conversation. the gun society is keeping us from having a rational conversation. >> the demand for guns in virginia has been unprecedented since newtown. last saturday alone, virginia state police handled 5145 requests for background checks, the highest one day total since the program began in 1989. chantilly, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news pro members of 25 church organizations -- news. >> members of 25 church organizations gathered outside this gun dealership. 20 children held 20 candles to remember the children killed. >> another potential business crisis has been averted. >> it is cold, but things will be changing overnight. >> the dallas cowboys have not-- the redskins want a fast track for argie iii. -- rgiii. coming up, abc 7 you were born an original. there's a health company that can help you stay that way. what's healthier than that? >> today the operators of east coast ports agreed to extend the longshoremen's contract for another 30 days. this move averted a potential strike. maryland governor martin o'malley is applauding the extension, saying baltim
gone adam blanda is believed to have used. -- adam relenzalanza is believed to have used. >> no bill has yet been drafted but the governor says a gun control package will join others already being proposed by senators in next month's legislative session. >> we need to find a way to try to rescue some good for the future, this irreplaceable loss that these moms and dads have suffered in connecticut. >> among the opinions we sampled today, we found none who disagree. >> is just too dangerous and not necessary to teach bridgette -- to protect yourself. >> i own a handgun but i think anything beyond that as a little bit too much. since it always gets in the wrong hands. -- it seems it always gets into the wrong hands. >> there will be plenty of opposition to any such attempt to create an assault weapon ban here in the state house. i spoke to a high-ranking legislative leader could tell me there will be many bills introduced. he thinks is most likely that one dealing with access of the mentally ill to god's will pass. >> i don't think we need to be thinking in terms of preventing every ba
convenient store. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. police tell us a suspect is in custody but the shooting is still under investigation. police are investigation a deadly shooting in the northeast. two men were shot overnight. one of those victims 44-year-old raymond harris died. the other victim was hurt and taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the person or persons responsible. >> over to prince george's police are investigating a deadly accident. a car crash earlier today on the 9200 block of ridge road. five people were inside at the time and one of them died. four suspected robbers are in custody after they held up a bank in arlington. arlington county police say they stole cash from navy federal credit union this morning. police say the robbers likely stole money that was traceable. the suspects crossed into the district and were arrested. >> fire raged through a strip mall in maryland overnight. firefighters say the blaze started in one building and then the flames spread to two other businesses. no one wa
in the north and west of us solve snow, but closer to the district there was more of a winter mix and concern tonight is about icy roads in some parts. >> we will also see an increase in the wind. for more on that, let's get the first check with steve rudin. >> the wind will work toward vantage, helping to ride the pavement so we will not have the black ice we would normally see, but will still be some slippery spots overnight. the winter weather earlier in the day, quickly moving up the east coast. at new york city and boston, the bull's-eye right now. not havethe wind will really begin to increase, and we could have went gusts up to 35-40 m.p.h. all the warnings have been canceled for the immediate metro. if your travel plans ticket to the wewestern allegany, still the potential of additional snowfall. gradual clearing for the evening, 34-40, the wind increasing. the wind chill factor will decrease. by tomorrow morning, the wind chill factor in the teens across much of the region. coming up, what to expect new year's eve into 2013. >> for the second time in less than a week, we're talking a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8